Why are there shoes on Westmoreland Circle?


Each day, an average of 289 people are shot in the United States — 86 of those people die , 30 are murdered , 53 commit suicide, 2 die accidentally, and 1 is shot in a police intervention.  (Source: Brady Campaign, NBC News).

The empty shoes on Westmoreland Circle represent the people who are shot each day.  These shoes remind us of the people who are shot and will not walk into their homes today… who will not hop onto a nearby bus… who will not walk along a sidewalk or into a classroom.

The weekend of March 13-16 is Gun Violence Sabbath… a weekend designed to raise awareness by communities of faith about gun violence in the United States.

The shoes on Westmoreland Circle were placed there by members of Westmoreland Church’s Anti-Gun Violence Task Force.

Westmoreland Circle is a lovely place, a bucolic passageway between DC and Bethesda.  To some, it may be surprising and unseemly to see empty shoes “littered” around Westmoreland Circle.  It is far more shocking and disturbing that an average of 289 people are shot each day in this country.  The images of Columbine and Newtown and the Navy Yard are far more upsetting than a display of shoes.

We hope these shoes on the circle remind you of these tragic deaths.

We hope these shoes on the circle prompt conversation and actions that make our communities and out nation safer.

To learn more about the Gun Violence Sabbath, log on to http://marchsabbath.org.

To learn more about Westmoreland Church, log on to http://www.westmorelanducc.org.

To chat with us about Shoes on the Circle, email ShoesOnTheCircle@gmail.com.

One more thing you might want to know:  All of the shoes that were donated for this project will be given to Interfaith Works… a group that clothes, houses, and trains people in need in Montgomery County.